Congratulations. You have a great career. You have your own cubicle. You have your own laptop. You have 10 days paid vacation and 8 paid federal holidays each and every year.

You even get to enjoy a company Christmas party every December.

If you work hard, you might get a raise. If you work hard you might get a bonus. If you work really hard you might even get your own office.

After four more years you'll get an extra 3 more paid days off. Amazing.

And best of all, after 26 more years, you might be able to retire. Wow. That's going to be amazing.

You will finally have some time to see the Grand Canyon. You can see Mount Rushmore. You might even be able to see the Cubs play a home game in Chicago.

That's going to be great.

But, not today. Today you need to check you email. Today you have a meeting at 1:30 and another one at 3:30. Today you have to work late because the company you work for laid off 3 people in your department to save some money.

No thank you.

Quit your job. Sell your suits and ties. Trade in your overpriced home to work to home shuttle.

Life is happening now. Get out of your cubicle. Get out of your office. Get out of your bubble.

Life is movement and movement is life. The time to live is now and there's plenty of living to do out there.

This isn't a novel idea. You have even heard it before most likely.

Are you a movie fan?

Remember hearing ,"Get busy living, or get busy dying."?

There's some serious truth to that quote.

So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to get busy living, or get busy dying?

If you choose the former, you're welcome to stay here. If the latter, best of luck.