When you live in a house, you might have a basement or spare room. They are both great places to house some home gym equipment. That makes it really easy to exercise whenever you want.

If you are in a town home or apartment, you might have a shared community gym. Or, at the very least, you can join a gym.

Having a static place to hang your hat makes it easy to keep a workout schedule. When you’re on the road a lot though, you don’t have those luxuries.

So how the heck can you get a good workout when you’re on the go?

Body Weight Work

If you don’t have a large room or a gym membership, using heavy weights and complex machines for your day-to-day exercise is not a realistic option. What you do have however is access to your own body.

Body weight exercises are some of the most effective exercises you can possible do.


Here are some examples of what you can do with little to no equipment.

• Pushups
• Pull-ups
• Squats
• Burpees
• Split squats
• Skipping rope
• Jogging
• Planks
• Yoga

That’s a long list that will make almost anyone tired when you use a few of them together in a single workout.

The great thing about that list is you can do most of them with no weights or added equipment. But, you can add in some small and portable equipment to enhance some of them also.

You don’t really need anything but a little room to do pushups. And, there are so many types of pushups you can do, you don’t need any equipment to enhance the exercise.

For pull-ups, you can get a lightweight portable pull-up bar if you can’t find a nearby playground with a suitable bar. And, like with pushups, there are many varieties of pull-ups to keep you busy.

Squats can be done with or without weights. If you don’t want to lug weights around due to limited room, you can substitute something else like gallons of water.

Burpees are so much of a workout on their own, there’s almost never a reason for needing any extra equipment. You can modify them to make them even harder if you feel they are getting too easy.

Split squats are a serious cardio burn, and your legs will feel them too. They are great on their own, or like with regular squats, add a little more difficulty by using some water jugs as extra weight.

Skipping rope is one of the most common types of exercise. You do need a rope, but they are light, small, and cheap.

If you have decent whether, you can always jog. There are usually plenty of jogger friendly areas no matter if you’re in a city or cruising the countryside.

Planks don’t look like much, but try them and you’ll understand why they are so effective. You don’t need any extra equipment. And, if they get too easy, combine them with pushups or after a set of burpees to add a whole new level of tough.

Yoga is about as complete of a body weight workout that you can get. You probably want to use a yoga mat if possible. The other major requirement is that you know some yoga poses and have an idea of how to piece them altogether. So, for this exercise, you might need a little experience with it first.

To Sum it All Up

If you are living on the road and can’t find a place to work out, you are making up excuses. There are tons of different types of exercises that will really get you sweating.

Best of all, most of them require little to no extra equipment. That means you don’t need to carry around anything extra other than what you would normally have around.

So, what are you waiting for?